On the basis of cottonseed meal

Meal is a by-product of oil extraction from seeds of vegetable cultures. In this case, we are talking about the extraction of oil organic solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons.The composition contains oil meal (fats) – in the meal to 1.5%. As for fiber and protein, the meal contains 30-42%.

To improve the quality of the product, we have developed a recipe by which cotton meal is mixed with an anti-oxide ants that allows you to clean the product from toxins, while the meal is mixed with oil cake or vegetable oil to increase its fat content (oil content). As a result, the energy content of the product increases, moreover, the products undergo heat treatment, as a result of which harmful substances are reduced and the digestibility increases. In this way we get a clean and quality product.

Advantages: Our finished product “Concentrate on the basis of cotton meal” it is included in the diet of animals, birds, fish both in its pure form and in the form of additives in feed.

In feeding cattle increases productivity of animals (daily milk yield of cows), improves quality of livestock production (increases fat content of milk).

Result is a concentrate based on cottonseed meal will bring only in strict compliance with application in feed “BDKfeed”.