Mixed fodder for rabbits

Ingredients: Wheat, barley, wheat bran, sunflower meal, salt, limestone flour, protein feed additive, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and flavors.

* The recipe is designed specifically for rabbits that are kept in a household environment.
* Increase in the average daily gain in fattening.
* Reducing the number of days for fattening.
* Provides better development of the digestive system.
* The immune system is strengthened, protecting them from disease.
* Our feeds do not contain hormones or growth stimulants.
* Consisting of environmentally friendly products.

Crude protein % 15,20
Energy % 10,08
Phosphorus % 0,76
Calcium % 0,96
Crude fat % 4,55
Lysine % 0,51
Methionine % 0,44
Sodium % 0,19
Cellulose % 8,39
Biologically active


Vitamine А Thous.IU 5,00
Vitamine D3 Thous.IU 1,00
Vitamine E mg 20,00
Vitamine K3 mg 0,50
Vitamine B1 mg 0,50
Vitamine B2 mg 2,50
Vitamine B3 mg 17,50
Vitamine B4 mg 150,00
Vitamine B5 mg 10,00
Vitamine B6 mg 1,00
Vitamine B12 mg 0,01
Vitamine BC mg 1,50
Vitamine H mg 0,10

For rabbits to develop properly, gain weight and have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary to feed a well-balanced feed “BDKfeed”, containing all the necessary nutrients and minerals.

Rabbits in the morning, give half the daily requirement of fodder – hay or grass, and in the evening the remaining food. An adult rabbit requires 70-100 grams of dry food and 70-80 grams of hay per day. Feed fed rabbits in dry form. It is very important that the rabbit has free access to clean drinking water. Remember! It is forbidden to soak compound feed with boiling water!

* Expiration date (12 months).
* Storage (store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place).

* Packing (bags 25 and 50 kg).
* Delivery (by road and rail).
* Delivery (in batches of 8 tons).
* Price (contractual).