Mixed fodder for carp fish minnows

Ingredients: Barley, wheat, maize, cotton meal, sunflower cake, wheat bran, protein-feed additive, fish meal, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and flavors.

* Speeds up the process of growing fish to marketable weight.
* Improves the quality and taste of meat.
* Prevents diseases of the digestive system and other internal organs of carp fish.
* The immune system is strengthened, protecting them from disease.
* Our feeds do not contain hormones or growth stimulants.
* Consisting of environmentally friendly products.

Crude protein % 25,00
Energy % 13,20
Phosphorus % 0,74
Calcium % 0,59
Crude fat % 8
Lysine % 3,02
Methionine % 2,50
Sodium % 0,45
Cellulose % 4,5
Biologically active


Vitamine А Thous.IU 40,00
Vitamine E mg 15.00
Vitamine D Thous.IU 3,50
Mg mg 200,00
Mn mg 25,00
Zn mg 40,00
Cu mg 6,00
Co mg 3,50
Se mg 0,50
J mg 4,50

The variety of feed produced allows customers to get the best feed ratio, fast fish growth and minimal environmental impact in different conditions, as the feed completely satisfy the need for fish nutrients (energy, protein, minerals and vitamins).The use of “BDKfeed” feed ensures strong, healthy and fast-growing fish, thus ensuring good economic performance of farms.

Our company collects information about the results of feed use. Accepts opinions and requests of customers with respect to improving the existing feeding programs, improvements in formulations of feed, to adapt them to the conditions of farms and the needs of the objects of cultivation. Based on the obtained data, the company improves the existing feed formulations, develops new fish feed and feeding programs.

* Expiration date (12 months).
* Storage (store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place).

* Packing (bags 25 and 50 kg).
* Delivery (by road and rail).
* Delivery (in batches of 8 tons).
* Price (contractual).