Mixed fodder for calf

Ingredients: Barley, wheat, cotton meal, sunflower cake, wheat bran, protein-feed additive, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and flavors.

• Strengthening the immune system of the calf.
* Increase the safety of the livestock.
• The early development of the villi of the rumen and digestive system of the calf as a whole.
* Provides better development of the digestive system.
* The immune system is strengthened, protecting them from disease.
* Our feeds do not contain hormones or growth stimulants.
* Consisting of environmentally friendly products.

Crude protein % 19,01
Energy % 11,6
Phosphorus % 0,76
Calcium % 1,14
Crude fat % 2,76
Lysine % 0,97
Methionine % 0,82
Sodium % 0,18
Cellulose % 5,61
Biologically active


Vitamine А Thous.IU 15,00
Vitamine E mg 10.00
Vitamine D Thous.IU 4,00
Fe mg 25,00
Mn mg 100,00

The optimal parameters of weight gain and good health of calves are achieved by feeding the right feed at an early stage of life. Our BDKfeed feed ” increases the safety of livestock, shortens the growing period and stimulates the weight gain at all stages of feeding.

Errors in feed lead to the opposite result: the calves are not gaining the desired weight and the profit economy falls.

Feed 3 times in a day


day from 3-4 months from 4-5 month from 5-6 month
“BDK feed” mixed fodder 300-400 g depending on the growth rate 400-500 g depending on the growth rate 500-700 g depending on the growth rate

* Expiration date (12 months).
* Storage (store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place).

* Packing (bags 25 and 50 kg).
* Delivery (by road and rail).
* Delivery (in batches of 8 tons).
* Price (contractual).