Mixed fodder for goats

Ingredients:Wheat, maize, barley, wheat bran, sunflower meal, cotton meal, soybean meal, salt, protein and feed additive, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and flavors.

• Reducing of growing period.
• Reduction of feed conversion.
Reducing the cost of veterinary drugs.

Crude protein % 18,05
Energy % 10,05
Phosphorus % 0,77
Calcium % 3,63
Crude fat % 4,08
Lysine % 0,96
Methionine % 0,55
Sodium % 0,24
Cellulose % 3,83
Biologically active


Vitamine А Thous.IU 14,00
Vitamine E mg 28,00
Vitamine D3 Thous.IU 4,62
Vitamine K3 mg 4,20
Vitamine B1 mg 4,20
Vitamine B2 mg 7,00
Vitamine B3 mg 14,00
Vitamine B4 mg 588,00
Vitamine B5 mg 42,00
Vitamine B6 mg 4,50
Витамин B12 mg 0,028
Vitamine BC mg 1,40
Vitamine H mg 0,35

To feed for goats was full, it must be made up of all types of concentrated feed. It is important to balance the diet in terms of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Minerals and vitamins in the diet can be normalized using a variety of premixes. Only with the full satisfaction of goat nutrients, you can expect good productivity.

The daily requirement of goats in feed depends on productivity, age, weight, sex and the type of feeding chosen. When feeding animals before slaughter for rapid weight gain per day goat give 700-1500 grams of feed.Under normal farming of animals (milking period, pregnancy) the daily rate of feed of 500-1000 grams. Norm is reduced when the milk yield falls, or the goat is single, in the first half of pregnancy. For Obrenovac goat rate of food per day increased to 700-1200 grams.

* Expiration date (12 months).
* Storage (store in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place).

* Packing (bags 25 and 50 kg).
* Delivery (by road and rail).
* Delivery (in batches of 8 tons).
* Price (contractual).